chand nikle kisi janib by Farida khanum mp3

chand nikle kisi janib by Farida khanum mp3

Just yesterday when I posted this great and one of the best ghazals of Faiz Saab, I wondered which other ghazal could match the intensity, the depth, and the texture of Phir Aaina e Alam, and then it dawned upon me that in my collection, I have a very good contender. It’s Chand Nikle Kisi Janib by Faiz Saab and beatifully sung (as always) by Farida Khanum.

I am making it available here for download. Just right click and save it. I bet you will love it.

Click to download Chand Nikle Kisi Janib Mp3


And here are the lyrics if you are interested

chand nikle kisi janib teri zebai ka
rang badle kisi surat shab-e-tanhai ka

daulat-e-lab se phir ai khusraw-e-shirin-dahan
aj riza ho koi harf shanasai ka

dida-o-dil ko sambhalo k sar-e-sham-e-firaq
saz-o-saman baham puhuncha hai ruswai ka


(and while you are at it, don’t forget to download an unplugged version of Aaj Jaane ki Zid Na Karo by Farida Khanum)

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  1. COX30ASIA says:

    Dear Mr,
    I just in in your world.Downloaded 2 of Farida Khanum but as Urdu is not my native language I request you to give a simple translation(for everyone around the globe like me)with every lyrics as you did with some.
    I will follow you every now and then.
    Thanks to the passion.

  2. this is nice and great sharing , about farida khanam

  3. fahad says:

    intahai fazool!

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