Teri Yaad Satandi by Sajjad Ali Mp3 download

Teri yaad satandi is an exceptionally well sung number by Sajjad Ali. It’s deeply melodious, touching and will you along with it. Not many people know that this song was originally sung by Medam Noor Jehan and composed by Master Abdullah. Sajjad Ali recomposed and sung it for a drama called  Thori Khushi Thora Ghum.

I am sure our friends from India will love this song, if not heard before.

Below is the link to download the mp3 version of this song

Download teri yaad satandi mp3

The Lyrics

teri yaad satandi
teri yaad satandi
meno teri yaad satandi
nenndar nai aandi
meno maar gai duri
meri ki majbori
ho gai majbor hayati
nender nahi aandi
mur kay watna wal na aayi
dour aa gai dais parai
jendh ho gai kamli
teray hijer vich ramli
loot gai her aas nemani
nender nahi aandi
meno teri yaad satandi
nender nai aandi
pal hun sawaanh day nay thoray
jaan layi na jaan vichooray
metho pyar ju dour ay
ki mera qasoor ay
kinj rool gai dekh jawani
nender nai aandi
meno teri yaaad satandi
neneder nahi aandi
meno maar gai douri
meri ki majbori
ho gai majbor hayato
nender nai aandi

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  1. ROHIT UROOJ says:

    Hi hope evry one viewer waz alrit nd prfct,i listend most of classicl song bt dis z also 1 of d great song sajjad bro keep it up,becoz u r d star of pak.

  2. Engr. Umair Waseem says:

    Thanks for dis track ! After lot of search i found in on your blog in finest quality !

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